ScientologyI have been reading about Scientology and they make no bones about the fact that they are similar to JW’s, Mormons, Buddhists and many other cults.  They say that a Thetan enters the body either before, after or during birth.

The 8 dynamics are Self-Existence, Marital and family, Will to exist – group, Will of mankind – human race, Will to survive – animal kingdom, Urge of the universe, urge of spirits (evil in my mind), and urge of infinity.  As you can see by the progression, self is first and God last.  In a Christian it is God first, others next and self last. Their goal is to operate in a reality outside the body, transcendental meditation.  They speak much of Mary Baker Glover Patterson Eddy and her “Christian Science.”  They take pride in the fact that they go farther than any of what we call false cults.
I see their definition of sin as being “mest” or “engrams”  and auditing is similar to confession to a priest.  They eliminate sin by a series of mental progressions.  There is no blood atonement or repentance from sin by turning to Christ.
The most striking thing of all is that they have no name for God.  They are on a spiritual quest to find God, whoever that may be. That can be very dangerous since most of the time people with that frame of mind become demon possessed.
A famous statement that I quote here is “Scientology is interested not in saving the world but in making able individuals more able by exact technological address to the individual himself, which is the spirit.”
They link themselves to the Gnostics which are the early mystical heretics that our early Christian fathers were at war with.  It seems that they have picked up on all that is good with every cult and ism in the world and they have no problem admitting that they are all of that and more in a more advanced form.
They even believe in combining religions and dual membership.  They are not afraid to admit that they are into metaphysics which leads to demon possession.  A ”pre-clear” has “mest” or “engrams” and a ”clear” has no “mest” or “engrams.”  God is not a person but a force and He is impersonal  abstract.  Worship is establishing report with the supernatural in whatever way the ultimate is conceived.
 Basically it is up to you, you become “god”  the eighth dynamic.  They have refined the temptation of Adam and Even to become “gods” to a higher level than ever before and Star Wars is destined to be their new prophesy of the Apocalypse.  May the “force” be with you!
Never before has so much intellectualism been so foolish almost to the point of admitting that they are worshiping Satan and trashing Jesus Christ.  Their multi-million dollar edifice in Clearwater is a stark reminder that people with intelligent minds and deep pockets are swallowing this religion with no name for their “god” and the movement is actually popular in many parts of the world.  This is “New-Age” at its finest and people are following the “Pied Piper” right to hell and jumping in with glee.
To say that these people need to be reached would be almost an understatement.  Can you believe that thousands of these poor foolish souls are coming to Clearwater on a regular basis and that only means that the mission field is coming to us!  How many of these misguided creatures can we win if we use the wisdom that God offers in response to our prayers, only God knows for sure, but if we don’t try, we are missing one of the greatest challenges ever given by God to reaching people for Christ.
Beliefs of Scientology
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