This sermon entitled “Fresh Oil” is one of the most influential sermons on the power of the Holy Spirit ever preached. More preachers and Christian workers have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit listening to this sermon than anyone can imagine. Some of the greatest preachers and churches in America have a pastor who attended the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana Pastors’ School where they not only learned the many details and ministries that will help their church reach the community in a way they never did before, but they also learned how to get that special power from God that all the great preachers of the past also received. No one can lightly sit and listen to this message without a longing to experience just what he describes.

I am most impressed as I worked on this video by the sensitivity of Dr. Hyles to any little thing in his life that could have cancelled the power of God on his ministry. He says in one point he would rather die than have the Holy Spirit leave his ministry as happened to Eli of the Old Testament when he heard that the Ark of God was taken and his sons killed as judgment for their sins of immorality. He realized that gross sin will destroy the ministry and strove to keep his life pure and filled with Power.

This video was created by Pastor David Williams who has a website about Jesus and Salvation at with a great series of lessons for new Christians called BORN AGAIN LESSONS.

We appreciate anyone who is visiting this site “FOUNDITIONS OF MORALITY.”   We hope that this video will create a desire in those that watch for purity, holiness, and the power of the Holy Spirit called “FRESH OIL.”

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 Morality/Disinterested Benevolence in Action

This online book was one of the main principles of Dr. Jack Hyles’ life

Fresh Oil by Dr. Jack Hyles – Video