FOUNDATIONS OF MORALITY – Last week as I was preaching I made reference to the news about a Georgetown student appearing before congress to plead for contraception for college women. I began to think about how God created man and woman in the Garden of Eden and that God had a plan for a man and woman to be a family and have children. God even likens the church and the relationship to Jesus, the head as similar to the relationship to a husband and wife which we can read in Ephesians and other places in the Bible. For some reason, all week long I was looking at the issue of what kind of mind set men have when they “look.” It struck me that in Romans 7 Paul talks about how with the flesh we serve the law of sin but with the mind we serve the law of Christ. I began to think of all the child molesters and others who had committed the most heinous of crimes against girls and women and wondered what the mindset was for these men. I have worked in construction and heard all the guy talk as many have. I began to think that too many times even Christian men have a wrong perspective in this area.

Here is what hit me like a blow from the Holy Spirit Himself. Every man that God creates is made for a woman to be her loving husband. Also, every woman is made to be the wife of a loving husband. That means, men, that when you “look” you are actually looking at SOMEONE ELSE’S wife. She may be a single girl like the one that sat before Congress wanting contraception for what? A marriage relationship? A THOUSAND TIMES NO! But, the fact still remains that she is someone’s wife (in the future) and I wonder what her future husband would think that she had wanted the government to pay for her immorality with other men when she was destined to be HIS WIFE. That little girl that some ugly pervert destroys is someone else’s wife (she should have been if he had not killed the poor little thing). That teen that even father’s molest in homes is not meant for that father but for her future husband. Those cheerleaders who dance around during a football game are someone’s wife or someone’s wife to be.

The harlots that appear on TV shows, even though we Christians “never” watch that trash, are married to someone or they will be one day. The sin that Adam and Eve committed in the Garden of Eden, as noted on this site, was the sin of self-gratification. It was a sin of not needing to depend upon God but a man can be in charge of his own destiny. It meant that satisfying the desires of the flesh was OK as long as the body wanted it like Eve wanted the fruit and Adam did nothing as the spiritual leader of that early family to protect his wife from making that big mistake. The Bible says that she took the fruit and gave to Adam WITH HER. Why didn’t Adam scream EVE, NO WE WILL DIE? We are filled with self-gratification in every area of life. A man that “looks” can control his thoughts by having the mind of Christ.

Let me ask you men who have a problem with lusting after women, what did Jesus see when he looked at a woman? Did he see someone that could satisfy some deep hidden desire of the flesh or did He see a woman that was destined to be the loving wife of some deserving man? I know that it is always claimed that women need to dress modestly and keep men from lusting. Well I have a different take on morality. I think that men need to look at a woman differently NO MATTER WHAT SHE IS OR IS NOT WEARING. Men need to look with the eyes of Jesus, they need to see the quality that makes her the apple of HER HUSBAND’S EYE, not an object of your own self-gratification. Married or not SHE IS SOMEONE ELSE’S WIFE AS GOD INTENDED. I don’t know if anyone knows this or not but the preachers of the past preached that if a person had a problem with self-gratification that they were lost and on their way to hell. I wonder how many saved men we would have with that kind of preaching? I was with a preacher one time that saw a woman walking down the street with immodest clothing and he nudged his son and said, “Look at that, isn’t that terrible.” I can guarantee you that his words did not match his heart.

I am calling out every man that reads this to do as Job said in the Bible to make a covenant with your eyes and every time you see a woman no matter who she is or how she is dressed to look at her as SOMEONE ELSE’S WIFE that God has made for that special man. If it is a young girl, the man is in the future. If it is a middle aged or young married woman, her beauty is meant for her husband, NOT FOR YOU. If it is an older woman, her husband still sees her as the apple of his eye. WITH OUR MINDS WE CAN TRULY SERVE THE LAW OF CHRIST. I hope that I have a thousand men clicking on “LIKE” for this post to show the world that we are going to LOOK as Jesus would look to see that God has created each man and each woman to be reserved for that special one and HEAVY HEAVY HANGS OVER THE HEAD OF A MAN THAT DOES ANYTHING ELSE.

The Mind of Christ
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