We live in some very troubling times.  We have a crash on Wall Street and war against terrorists on every side.  So many people are troubled and so many views are being discussed in media and blogs all over the country.  It is as if we have lost our bearings and we can’t seem to even discern what is true and what is not.  We have individuals from every side daily discussing what they espouse as truth, but in the end it is often revealed that there is some form of selfish motive or foundation to what is being postulated.

Someone may ask, isn’t there some form of universal standard that would apply to the whole universe of beings so that we don’t need to immerse ourselves in this constant debate about issues and reasoning our way to our favorite dogma?  Wouldn’t it be so much easier to have a simple formula by which all knowledge can be judged?  Isn’t there a rather sub-conscious standard to which we can subject all relevant thought in such a way that our innermost being instantly cries out, “That is right, that is right?”

There is actually a science that relates psychology to theology where we find that this science of the mind is intimately related to truth that is widely a part of the entire universe whether defined verbally or understood subconsciously.  This truth is what we call moral law.

Knowledge, whether it is spiritual or physical, takes certain facts or truths for granted. Therefore, in order to form any opinion or science, no matter what the subject or how vast the scope of the thought, these facts or truths must be such as are affirmed by reason and widely accepted by all men. Any form of science has a priori facts that are assumed.